Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter 2012

With both boys old enough to be excited and with our own yard for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs, Id' have to say this was the best Easter yet.
First, Max had an Easter celebration and egg hunt at preschool.

 They both got to see the Easter bunny and Levi even had a chance to try and feed her!

Max enjoyed a yummy carrot from the Easter bunny.

On Saturday night, the family came over to decorate eggs and Easter cookies.

Max woke up on Sunday morning, looked out the window and said, "the Easter bunny came!"

Max saw that the Easter Bunny ate almost all the carrots he left for him.

The boys were really excited about their Easter baskets!

Later that day, we went over to Carla's house for another egg hunt, where Max and Levi were able to play with their cousins.

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