Friday, July 1, 2011

Mike’s 10 Year High School Reunion

It makes me feel like I’m getting old to think that we are at this stage in our lives already. It’s been ten years since Mike has graduated high school and he has accomplished so much. A few days ago I asked him if he was nervous. His response was, “No, I think I’ve had some pretty good accomplishments in the past ten years so I won’t feel like a loser.”

Let’s see, right after high school Michael served a two year mission in Argentina. He came back and got married and two years later, became a father. He then received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management as well as put his wife through school to receive her degree. Shortly after that, he became a father to a second son and then was able to land a job in back to California. Now, seven months later, he will be buying a beautiful home for his family.

All I can say is, wow. You are amazing, Michael. Thank you for all that you have done for our family. You really have accomplished so much the first ten years of your adult life. I’m proud to say that you are my husband. I love you.

The reunion was a ton of fun! It was a blast getting all dressing up like high school days. I was able to go shopping in my mom’s closet for my outfit. She actually picked it out for me. I fell in love with the shoes and that is why there are pictures of them posted below. I spent the past six months getting ready for this night… in other words, I’ve been working hard to lose ten pounds. Maybe it was just an excuse or a reason for me to get that last bit of baby weight off. So, I set a goal and made it! I attribute it to using the myfitnesspal app. If you’re wanting to drop a few, check it out. I definitely recommend it.

Anyway, Mike had to roll into the reunion sporting his cane which was pretty funny. Some people weren’t sure if he was really using it or if it was a part of his outfit. He looked hot! The reunion was held at the House of Blues in San Diego. Mike had a blast catching up with old friends and reminiscing. It was a great night. Three more years until my reunion!

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