Tuesday, May 26, 2009


IMG_3991 IMG_3989

Can’t even tell, can you? I think it looks great… especially in the second picture…CREEPY! haha! :D

1 down 4 to go!


I have 5 close friends who are having babies this fall. So I have 5 blankets to crochet! I just finished this one for the Marquardt’s baby girl last week. Next blanket is for the Thorson’s baby boy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

LITTLE COUSINS…. as cute as can be!

Sheilia and Justin came to stay with us since they went to the Jimmy Buffet concert. Stephen and Max were able to spend a lot of quality time together! :)

Porch Pool

We bought Max a little pool so that he can cool off in the hot AZ weather whenever he wants. He loves it!

Max, what were you doing in there?

So this is what you were doing all that time in Mommy's tummy...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10k in Cottonwood

We did it! We ran a 10k in 1hour and 2minutes! Not that great but we did it! Yes, we ran the whole time. Only sissies walk! :D just kiddding! We drove 2 hrs up to Cottonwood. It was really beautiful up there, perfect running weather!

There I am finishing the race with my race wave. It was so funny cause Mike and Max were waiting for me about 200 yards before the finish and when I reached them, I started to sprint. So Mike starts running along side me, pushing Max in his non-jogging stroller, trying to get a picture. People started cheering for Mike and Max and Mike was embarassed as he tried to explain the he wasn't racing. Too bad I was too fast and he couldn't get a good picture of my finish! ;p

Here comes Soin!

Yay Soin!

We did it!

Tired and sweaty. That's water on my shirt by the way...

I think one of my favorite parts about racing is all the cool stuff you get. This race was by far the best. There was a snow cone machine, pasta with meat sauce, cookies, granola bars, and of course the bananas, apples, and oranges. But a snow cone machine?! That's so awesome!!! Anyway, here's Mike and Max hanging out after the race. It was Mike's birthday, by the way. We a gorgeous birthday man!

There we all are.

We went to lunch and walked around the cute little town. Here's our precious boy.

Blog Break

I have been procrastinating blogging because I have so many new pictures and the thought of uploading all of them makes me tired.... :p

Anyway, it's time I catch up so here it goes.....