Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby #2's Name

So we've decided to name our second boy Levi. We haven't decided if he's going to have a middle name yet. I wasn't given a middle name and Max doesn't have a middle name so, we'll see.
My sister and I have been working on quilts for the babies and I finally finished mine today. It was really fun to make and we've learned a lot about quilting. My mom tried to get us into it when we were in high school, but I had no interest as many teenagers would probably feel. I think now it's definitely going to be our "sister hobby." There will be many more quilts coming from us! Thanks for introducing it to us, Mom. I finally love it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We graduated on Saturday. What an awesome feeling! We did it! It took some time, but we did it!
Our families came out to support us at our commencement ceremony which was perfect because we had both moms with us for Mother's Day too. Here are a bunch of pictures of this weekend. My mom was there too of course, she would rather I not put pictures of her on the blog (I don't blame her with all those wierdos out there).
It was a really fun weekend. Thank you everyone for coming out to support us yet again. We love you guys so much!