Friday, June 13, 2008

My Crazy Dream!

I have this fear of crocodiles and alligators and for some reason I always have nightmares about them. One time I had a dream that my sister fell into a swamp and a crocodile swallowed her whole. I was so upset, so I dove into the swamp and pulled the crocodile onto a big rock and cut it open and pulled my sister out. Another time I had a dream that Michael and I were on this raft thing that had a motor and we were going as fast as we could, trying to get away from these alligators that kept trying to jump on our raft....yes I said "jump." haha! Michael kept having to punch them and kept them off the raft.

Anyway, last night I had a dream that my mom, my sister, and I were walking alongside this shallow river and there were crocodiles that kept getting smaller and smaller as we walked along, and then I realized that they were crocodiles with human baby heads! There were hundreds of them! So I was like, "aw, how cute!" And I jumped in the river and started swimming with them, but they kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller.....until they were the size of ants!!! So I started to walk out of the river and two of them bit and latched onto my foot like little ticks and it hurt so bad that I screamed bloody murder! My foot started to swell so much as my sister was trying to dig them out. Finally she got them out and my foot was all better. :p I know! I'm crazy! I think I have this whole pregnancy thing to blame though...

I called Michael at work and told him about it and he made me a picture of the crocodile baby in my dream! haha!