Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Salt River

Mike, Soin, and I have been talking about floating down the Salt River for a few weeks now and today we were finally able to do it. Yes, we took Max! I was really kind of nervous about it, because I didn't think he would be able to last the whole time. We bought an inflatable raft/boat for him and filled it with some water, had some snacks on hand and he had a blast. He lasted 2 hours with no problem. It wasn't bad at all like I thought it might be. I think we might do it again in a couple of weeks... if Mommy's up to it that is.
I really wish I could have taken more pictures, but we didn't want to get our camera or phones wet so we didn't take them with us.

Here's a good shot of my fatness....haha! I'm just ready to have this baby and get back in shape. Another 2 months to go and I'm already complaining. Ah well...

Almost there...

Our big boy is almost potty trained. Only a little accident here and there, but overall he is doing pretty dang well. I'm proud of him. Love you My Baby!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About Maximilian...

Our boy is growing up too fast!
He's still in the 90% for his height and he's in the 70% for his weight.
He loves seeing his aunts and uncles and grandparents. He loves them and talks about them so much. Every time we pray, he makes sure that we mention their names.... all of them!

His favorite play time activity right now would probably be going to splash pads, bath time, and going to the pool. He loves the water!
He's starting to speak really well.
He loves to help Mommy in the kitchen.

And he's learning how to use the toilet like a big boy and has lots of incentive. Bye bye diapers!

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

We love you so much!

The past month or so...

I've been really bad about blogging lately. My computer crashed and it's just not the same blogging on another computer. I'm getting used to it... :(
Anyway, we've been staying busy. Here are a few things that we've been up
to in the past month or so (more to come):

Being Pregnant with my sis.

Eating lots of watermelon.

Playing in the water with Cami and Gracie Girl.

Camping at the Grand Canyon with the Thorsons.