Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Fun

April was a fun-filled month. It has started warming up in Escondido so we bought the boys this awesome pool. It seems like we get a new one every year, but I think this one will last a while. They love it.

We took a trip to Laguna hills and ate at an amazing Argentine restaurant we heard about. We WILL be going back for sure.

Max has had a wild imagination lately.

Max loves math... right now we are learning to add. He was always asking, "Mommy, what's 3 plus 2?" or "What's 6 plus 3?" Finally we decided to teach him how to figure it out himself by using his fingers or beans...

Our Aya and Clementine came out for a few days before the baby comes and before Aya starts her awesome new job. Congrats, Aya! We had a blast. One of our favorite things we did was go strawberry picking in Carlsbad.

Aya made us a bomb dinner! Unfortunately it required a ton of onion slicing and really irritated her eyes :(

Here are some pictures of Levi that Max took. I think I should give those boys the camera more often! I love these!

Some park days... The boys love riding their scooters!

 For FHE recently, we took the boys to Boomers. Talk about great idea! They golfed for free, then played a few arcade games, and then to end the night we went to Menchies for frozen yogurt. It was one of my favorite family nights yet :)

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