Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Potty Time for Levi

 Determined not to have two in diapers, I attempted potty training Mr. Levi, my 20 month old... while I'm nine months pregnant. Loca. I know.

Max spent the day with his Gaga being spoiled (as usual) so that I could be completely focused on Levi. I had a bunch of snacks, bribery, and juice for Levi to make sure he had lots of opportunity to use the potty.

At first he was a little wierded out. He didn't know what to do or how to make peepee on command... so we sat for a few minutes. I gave him a mohawk to try and distract him.

The he wanted off or "out!"

Then he was just mad at me and tired of sitting on the toilet. Not off to such a good start...

But... by the end of the day, Levi knew "how" to make peepee. After 4 accidents and 9 successes, I'd say we had a good potty training day. I think he'd agree...


 As of right now, two weeks later, I have to say he is not fully potty trained. I'd say he's about 85% the way there. Consistency is key and that's where I slacked. After the first day, Levi was all over then place when I should've kept him home until he was 100%. But, I was selfish and jumped at the opportunity to have some Bianca time before the baby came and he didnt have Mommy to keep close eye on him. So, he's not in diapers but, has accidents every once in a while when he's with other people (which he's been with a lot lately). He'll get there, let's just hope it's sometime soon!

April Fun

April was a fun-filled month. It has started warming up in Escondido so we bought the boys this awesome pool. It seems like we get a new one every year, but I think this one will last a while. They love it.

We took a trip to Laguna hills and ate at an amazing Argentine restaurant we heard about. We WILL be going back for sure.

Max has had a wild imagination lately.

Max loves math... right now we are learning to add. He was always asking, "Mommy, what's 3 plus 2?" or "What's 6 plus 3?" Finally we decided to teach him how to figure it out himself by using his fingers or beans...

Our Aya and Clementine came out for a few days before the baby comes and before Aya starts her awesome new job. Congrats, Aya! We had a blast. One of our favorite things we did was go strawberry picking in Carlsbad.

Aya made us a bomb dinner! Unfortunately it required a ton of onion slicing and really irritated her eyes :(

Here are some pictures of Levi that Max took. I think I should give those boys the camera more often! I love these!

Some park days... The boys love riding their scooters!

 For FHE recently, we took the boys to Boomers. Talk about great idea! They golfed for free, then played a few arcade games, and then to end the night we went to Menchies for frozen yogurt. It was one of my favorite family nights yet :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter 2012

With both boys old enough to be excited and with our own yard for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs, Id' have to say this was the best Easter yet.
First, Max had an Easter celebration and egg hunt at preschool.

 They both got to see the Easter bunny and Levi even had a chance to try and feed her!

Max enjoyed a yummy carrot from the Easter bunny.

On Saturday night, the family came over to decorate eggs and Easter cookies.

Max woke up on Sunday morning, looked out the window and said, "the Easter bunny came!"

Max saw that the Easter Bunny ate almost all the carrots he left for him.

The boys were really excited about their Easter baskets!

Later that day, we went over to Carla's house for another egg hunt, where Max and Levi were able to play with their cousins.