Thursday, January 20, 2011

A day out with my babies

For Christmas GG and Pops gave us a Zoo/Safari Park pass. A couple of days ago I packed a lunch and Max, Levi, and I took off to see the animals.


By the way, I can take a guest for free each time we go! So, anyone interested in a play date?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Southern CA 5k

It’s been hard trying to get to my goal weight and shape, so I’ve been signing up for races to keep me motivated. I ran my second 5k since I had Levi this past weekend while my dad ran the half marathon. It was awesome! I ran it about 3 minutes faster than my last race so I was very happy. I love my support team!! Next race will be February with my sis. Can’t wait!


New Years Eve

For New Years Eve, the four of us went to watch fireworks and then we got crazy at Chuck E Cheese. It was perfect.

nye 8nye 1

nye 2nye 9nye 6

nye 3


nye 5nye 7

Catching up…

It’s been hard for me to get back into a routine since we’ve been back. I don’t know what it is, but that’s my excuse for letting a month go by without blogging.

I did a horrible job of taking pictures during Christmas time… So, I’m just going to say that Christmas was great this year. It was really nice spending time with our families. Here are the few pictures I have:

Christmas Eve

Clementine and SoinGa-Ga with babiessistersChirstmas EveChristmas Eve treebasketball

Levi presentsMax presentsMommy presentsUncle Joey and Clementine

Christmas Day

christmas treechristmas dinner

bro and sis'sdaddy and max eating

max presents 2levi smile