Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prayer Sandal

Cutest thing ever...
I just bought the boys new sandals and one of them went missing. I looked all over the house. In the trash can, the vase, under the couch in my closet, in the garage, all over the boys room, etc. Well after Michael got in on the search and after 10 minutes of no success, Max says, "We should say a prayer because when you lose something you should say a prayer so you can find it." Michael and I looked at each other with surprise... "Where did he hear that?"
So we knelt down and Max said a prayer:
"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. I wish we can find Levi's shoe (choked up). Amen." Then he proceeds to wipe his tears away.
We had no luck last night finding the sandal, but we told Max that we know Heavenly Father will help us find it soon. We asked him where he learned to say a prayer when he loses something.
Did he learn it in his Sunbeam class? Sacrament meeting?
He insists that no one taught him and that he just knew it by himself. Who knows.

This morning I started looking for it again because I wanted Levi to wear it to a birthday party we're going to today. Max said we should pray again. I thought to myself, maybe we haven't found it because I didn't have the faith Max had the first time.
It's a shoe. Who says a prayer to find a stinkin' shoe that they don't really need in the first place? A 3 year old boy of course.
So we prayed again and this time, I said the prayer. Afterwards, I stood up to continue searching. The first thing I did was open up the boys' hat drawer, lift up a hat and what do you know! The sandal.
I know I already looked there last night. Must have just missed it.
I've heard so many stories in sacrament meeting and other classes where people prayed to find keys or other lost objects. Honestly and guiltily, I thought it was silly to "bother" God with such minuscule things. I've felt this way up to this point. This morning.
Maybe it's just a silly little sandal, but really, will God be upset with us if we prayed for something so small? I don't think so. It's not wrong to have faith that He will help us in any situation that we ask of Him... as long as we have faith. We can go to Him for anything. Big or small.
Wow, who knew your 3 year could teach you such a big lesson? Love this guy.


Grandmother Linda said...

....that's my grandson!!!!!! He couldn't explain to me either, how he knew that an octagon had 8 sides, when I was barely teaching him about basic polygons, and what makes a parallelogram.

Mrs. Porteous said...

Gosh he's smart! My biggest wish is that my children know God and have a solid relationship with him throughouth their lives. Looks like Max has it figured out already at such a young must be proud!

The Marquardt Family said...

Love this story......... and LOVE max! You are such a sweet person, thanks for sharing your testimony..... Love it! xoxo