Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Potty Time for Levi

 Determined not to have two in diapers, I attempted potty training Mr. Levi, my 20 month old... while I'm nine months pregnant. Loca. I know.

Max spent the day with his Gaga being spoiled (as usual) so that I could be completely focused on Levi. I had a bunch of snacks, bribery, and juice for Levi to make sure he had lots of opportunity to use the potty.

At first he was a little wierded out. He didn't know what to do or how to make peepee on command... so we sat for a few minutes. I gave him a mohawk to try and distract him.

The he wanted off or "out!"

Then he was just mad at me and tired of sitting on the toilet. Not off to such a good start...

But... by the end of the day, Levi knew "how" to make peepee. After 4 accidents and 9 successes, I'd say we had a good potty training day. I think he'd agree...


 As of right now, two weeks later, I have to say he is not fully potty trained. I'd say he's about 85% the way there. Consistency is key and that's where I slacked. After the first day, Levi was all over then place when I should've kept him home until he was 100%. But, I was selfish and jumped at the opportunity to have some Bianca time before the baby came and he didnt have Mommy to keep close eye on him. So, he's not in diapers but, has accidents every once in a while when he's with other people (which he's been with a lot lately). He'll get there, let's just hope it's sometime soon!

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