Monday, January 26, 2009

The time has come...

...for Max to be introduced to the wonderful world of water!

Swim lessons have officially begun. Being his mother's son, it is inevitable that Max become a swimmer (not necessarily competatively). He might be a soccer player, baseball player, runner, basketball player, or a football star like Daddy. Either way... he WILL know how to swim. That includes freestyle, backstroke, breatstroke, and yes, butterfly too... when he's naughty ;)
The two years of teaching children to swim was fun, but it is SO much more fun to teach my own sweet baby boy. He loves being in the water.
First we need to get comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Then we can roll and put increasingly more of his face into the water until he's comfortable and will hold his breath when he goes under.



We even practiced some dives.

He's pretty comfortable already. He smiles and laughs the whole time!

He makes Mommy smile and laugh the whole time too.

Lots of kisses are a very important part of swim lessons.

What a fun swim lesson!

After all that hard work... it comes time to chill and get a little tanny tan.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Which Picture is MOST Beautiful?

We're entering Max's picture in the Regis and Kelly most beautiful baby contest. Which picture do you think we should we use?

Picture # 1

Picture # 2

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pizza Pizza!

We made delicious homemade pizza the other night... yes, the dough too! My new KitchenAid that my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas came with the recipe. Mmmm. It was so scrumptious! Let me know if you want the recipe so you can also enjoy the deliciousness.

Rice Cereal

Max had his first rice cereal meal on thursday night.
He wasn't too sure about it at first...but then he decided to clean the bowl! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

4 month appt.

Max had his 4 month appointment today. He's in the 90% for his weight (17 lbs.) and 95% for his height (27 in.). He's already cut 1 tooth and the Dr. said that his two front bottom teeth will be cutting through in the next couple of days! Wow! We've got an early bloomer. He had his shots and he was a trooper... only cried for a few seconds. He gets to start rice cereal now and next month he starts vegies! Yum yum.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great Grandpa

Max met his great grandpa Roberto. He loved him!!! He was smiling so much at him. He loved Letty and his Aunt Denise and Mindy too. They bought him lots of cool toys for Christmas and we ate the most delicious tamales that Letty made. Mike ate five, I ate three.... :)
We can't wait to see them again.