Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun trip to the Desert

The boys and I took a fun trip to the desert to visit Aya (Soin) and Clementina. On the way, we stopped by my cousin, Breeana's house to see her new little angel, Kai. She just had her third boy! We need to start a basketball team or something with all these boys in the family! I love it!

Bree loves my pies, so I made one to take to her. It was apple strawberry crumb and not too shabby. Bree loved it.
The boys had a blast together! They don't see each other very often and didn't waste valuable playing time the moment we stepped in the door until we had to leave.
We had fun with Soin and Celementine. My mom asked us to make empanadas for a potluck at work she was going to. Soin and I don't like to turn down opportunities to bake together, so here's the final product. They were delicious and a big hit at the potluck.
We took the kiddies to the Living Desert and they loved it. It's so fun to see our babies together. Once upon a time, Soin and I were this small and doing fun things together.
We ended our trip with dinner in jammies at Mc D's. We love us some Mickey D's!

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