Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stop Growing!

My boys are growing so fast! It’s amazing to me when I look at pictures of them 6 months ago and then look at these from today. I can’t describe how much I love these boys. They are my angels.

A couple weeks ago, Max said to me,

“I wanna go in a big, big, huge airplane Mommy. And I want to live in the sky!”


“Levi’s Brown, Mommy. And I’m white.”


“I’m being a good boy listener Mommy. Now I can have a treat!”

I love the precious and innocent things that he says. I love to think about the creative and exciting things that go on in his little mind.

Levi is such a happy boy. He absolutely adores his brother and could sit and watch him all day. I love his little laugh and I love how he bounces when he gets excited.

I’m so happy and blessed to be able to be home with my boys. We love to go to story time at the library, and music time at the park. We love to go grocery shopping together and to read books before nap time. We really like to have picnics and to play at the park. Max loves to practice writing and learning about the letters of the alphabet (especially when there’s M&Ms involved). 



We have been living with the Marshall family for 6 months now. I’m just going to take a few lines and brag about them a bit. I think I have the best in-laws in the world. I’m serious. Jim and Brenda are the most caring and giving people I know. I love them so much. I mean come on, what kind of people are willing to let their son and his wife and two kids live with them until they find a house? Very loving, patient, and kind people. That’s what! Then there’s Emminome (Naomi) who Max adores and follows around everywhere. She plays with him and babysits him sometimes while I go on a run or take a shower. Maxine is an amazing Aunt too. She sings and plays the piano with Max and has dance parties with him in her room. Max learns a lot when Uncle Jimmy gives him little quizzes like, “what color do blue and green make?” Uncle Jimmy also lets Max hang out with him when his friends are over. When Aunt Lizzy comes over, a lot of times she brings the boys presents, “plays toys” with Max, and changes Levi’s diaper. It’s so nice to get a break from changing a diaper ever once in a while! I just love this family and I’m so blessed to have them. They are all such wonderful examples to me in many ways.

Along with the house hunting roller coaster ride, we’ve just been trying to stay positive and keep our options open. It’s a little tough sharing one room with the boys, but we are very grateful.

We are just really excited/anxious to find a good home to call our own. We know it will happen at the right time.

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