Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter at the Snedekers

Before a fun Easter weekend, Max decorated eggs for the Easter bunny to hide.

IMG_8656IMG_8657 (2)IMG_8658 (2)IMG_8660

On Saturday, the we had a fun time with family and friends. Max finally reunited with his best buddy, Stevie.

IMG_8661 (2)

Levi and Olivia had fun entertaining each other too.

IMG_8665 (2)

Precious Baby Olivia

IMG_8667 (2)


I was so happy to spend time with Sheilia again. I missed her so much!

IMG_8669 (2)

The boys found a ton of eggs!

IMG_8673 (2)IMG_8674 (2)IMG_8676 (2)IMG_8677 (2)IMG_8678 (2)IMG_8679 (2)IMG_8681 (2)IMG_8683 (2)IMG_8684 (2)

Love them!

IMG_8685 (2)IMG_8688 (2)


IMG_8690 (2)IMG_8691 (2)

Aunt Tina and Olivia

IMG_8697 (2)

Uncle Johnny and Levi

IMG_8696 (2)

Uncle Johnny and Levi a few minutes later

IMG_8700 (2)

Thank you for a fun day Aunt Carlene, Uncle Al, Juanelle, and Tommy! We had a blast!

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