Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter at Gaga’s

We had some more Easter fun at Gaga’s house!

IMG_8701 (2)

Aunt Bree and Levi

IMG_8703 (2)IMG_8705 (2)

Another one of my sister’s awesome cakes (the nose was a little melted by the time I got this)IMG_8747 (2)IMG_8706 (2)IMG_8707 (2)IMG_8709 (2)IMG_8710 (2)IMG_8711 (2)

Max was so happy to be able to spend time with all of his cousins (minus Aidan)! Kanoa, Stevie, and Max have a blast together. They are so adorable!

IMG_8714 (2)IMG_8717 (2)

My beautiful niece, Clementine. Words can’t describe how much I love this girl.

 IMG_8718 (2)IMG_8719 (2)IMG_8721 (2)IMG_8724 (2)IMG_8726 (2)IMG_8727 (2)

My beautiful mama with Olivia

IMG_8734 (2)

The boys checking out the ducks

IMG_8736 (2)

After a long day of play and sweets, the boys were dirty and ready for a bath before they said goodbye.

IMG_8738 (2)

Uncle Kekoa with Levi and Olivia

IMG_8744 (2)

Thank you for getting us all together Mom! It was SO much fun!

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