Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yummy Dinners

Cami, one of my best friends ever, arranged for 6 lovely women to bring us dinner after Levi was born. All of them were absolutely delicious! I had to share pictures...

Roast beef sandwiches with au jus sauce, cheesy potatoes, salad, grapes, & watermelon. For dessert, smore cookie bars (not pictured but sooo yummy!). Thank you Kirstin!

Cheese ravioli, green beans, crescent rolls, apple juice, & chicken nuggets for Max. For dessert, ice cream sandwiches (not pictured, but just perfect!). Thank you Lindsey!

Braided bread stuffed with beef, sauce, and cheese along with ceaser salad. For dessert, caramel popcorn balls (not pictured, but so cute and yummy!). Thank you Vanessa!

Spinach cob salad, watermelon, & pumpkin bisque. For dessert, banana muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Thank you Emily!

Okay this isn't my picture (We ate outside and I didn't take my camera), but this is what dinner looked like. It was delicious pizza and pasta salad from Pita Jungle. Thank you Julie Y.!

Chicken, rice, crescent rolls, & salad. For dessert, brownies & ice cream (not pictured, but sooo good!). Thank you Julie J.!

I am so so grateful for these dinners that were so lovingly brought to us. It made life that much easier for us for that week while I was recovering. I know that all seven of you have busy lives of your own and I feel very blessed to know that you care about our little family enough to take time and energy to do this for us. Thank you all times 1,000,000!


The Marquardt Family said...

Our ward is AMAZING!!! There are very strong and caring women in our ward. they make me want to do better and be better. Dont you wish meals came to us like that every night? ohh the life! Glad you are recovering. That levi is the SWEETEST thing ever!

Domestic Bliss(ters) said...

Can they come to my house next with dinner? Those dinners look incredible. Hope you're doing well!