Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Best Job in the World

I am really enjoying these first couple of days home with Max after 3 months of student teaching. I think maybe another reason student teaching was good for me is because I may have taken for granted how privileged and blessed I am to be able to stay home to raise my son and take care of our home.

When I was asked repeatedly by people around me if I found a teaching job yet, or what I'm going to do now, I almost felt ashamed to say that I'm going to be a stay-at-home mom. I quickly snapped out of that. Just because I'm not getting paid to work as a teacher or as anything else, it doesn't mean I'm not doing anything with my life. Although being a good mom is one of the most difficult jobs out there, I believe it's also the most rewarding.

Teaching has always been one of my dreams. I look forward to teaching once my children are grown and in school. For now, I'm enjoying my biggest dream of being married to the world's most wonderful man who wants me to stay home and take care of our children. If that means making big sacrifices, so be it. Daddy is our superhero.

We saw this comic in the newspaper and I had to share with all of you housewives out there :)




Bianca. Thank you for finishing your degree. Thank you for always trusting that there is no career title, salary figure, or "things" that could ever give you more fulfillment than being with your children, watching them grow, and not missing out on all those little things that remind you that there is a God and He lives. Michael is the best man I have ever known, and you continually compliment his greatness by your respect and love for him. I see big beautiful things ahead for your family. I love you my baby.

Myranda B. said...

You are still a teacher and the most important kind, you are teaching Max and that is the most important job that you can have and we are privliged to be stay at home moms. I may not have all the material things that I would like, but when I see my 2 girls that all goes away from my thoughts. They are so much more precious then things!! Also awesome job on getting your degree that is such an awesome example for your children.