Monday, August 24, 2009

We moved!

…. about two hundred feet away. Soin moved out on her own :( (we really are happy for you Soin!) so we down sized back to a 2 bedroom. This is how we moved most of our stuff… yes, it’s embarrassing but it was really effective. Mike found a basket on the side of the road and we figured we would do Costco a favor by taking their basket back to their store… after we used it to move of course.

I think I would have rather loaded everything onto a truck and then unloaded it. It was a hassle walking back forth from one apartment to the other and loading and unloading about 50 times. It was exhausting, especially doing it in this heat. It's done and over now!! Thank goodness. Hopefully the next time we will be moving, it will be back to California.

Moving basket


Sarah said...

hee hee! I love the ties! :) Moving so close from your place really does get annoying. But it's done, yay!

Aunt Rhonda said...

That is sooooo funny. Lucky Max is oblivious to how embarrassing it must have been. This is definately one of those times you will look back on and get a good laugh.