Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tempe Lake

Today we had fun taking some pictures by Tempe lake... probably the last photo shoot before Max is born. We love having Soin live with us. She's been my best friend for my whole life and I'm just so blessed that I am able to spend this important time of my life with her. She's going to be a great Aunt.
My wonderful husband is going to be the greatest daddy. I can't wait to watch him hold our baby boy in his arms... the two loves of my life.


The Burners said...

I love the sunset pictures !! :) I bet you guys are so excited for Max to come! That's so sweet that your sister is your best friend - how great that you have her around for your special moment in life!

P.S. Mike better text or call us when Max is born. I keep asking him "Did they call yet? Is the baby here?!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Bic-knock, its Chuckie! Just browsing around seeing other blogs, and I need your blogspot email to add you as a friend. Nice blog! Hope your doing well and can't wait to see Max.

Tiffany said...

You are so beautiful! You are the envy of every pregnant women out there!