Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Shower # 1

My beautiful mom and sister threw me an amazing baby shower at the Mission Inn in Riverside. It was more than I ever expected it would be. Thank you so much Mom and Soin! I love you so much!

This was the best game. Everyone was split into teams and had to cut out our features to make a picture of what our baby is going to look like. I hope our baby looks that good!

Many of my family members were there to support me. All of them are so special to me and they have no idea how much their presence meant to me. I love them all so much!

My young gals were there to support me. Naomi was actually supporting Max, as you can see! :) Oh, and there I am talking to my baby daddy.

Three very special ladies in my life: Kami, Abby-girl, and Olivia... always there to support me and show their love. I love them so much!

Two of my pretty cousins, Erica and Tiffany

I am so blessed to have such wonderful Aunts and such an awesome grandma for my son. I love them! Can you believe there's a grandma in this picture? I hope I look that good when I'm a grandma! :)

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Tiffany said...

I love your dress. You look so amazing for being pregnant! I wished that I look that good! I love the name Max. What about the middle name?