Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our fish, Sunny had a very tramatic experience the other day. It was time to clean his bowl and give him fresh water, so i set him aside in a shallow cup of water. I cleaned out his bowl and added new water. Since it's so hot in AZ, we run out of cold water so his bowl was full of warm water. I added some ice cubes and left him in the little cup until I got back from my breastfeeding class.

While we were at the class, Mike texted me and explained that when he got home Sunny was flopping around on the counter! So he tried to grab him but then, he fell on the floor! Mike finally grabbed him and put him back in his bowl. Poor Sunny was in bad shape. He was barely moving and wasn't reacting to much and he wouldn't eat. His once beautiful fins were so shriveled.. we were almost sure that he wasn't going to make it. Who knows how long he was out of water.

Yesterday he ate a pellet or two of his food and I was really happy. Today I fed him and he ate it all! His fins are rehydrated and he's just as responsive as he was before. I think he's all better! YAY! What a trooper! Our fish is awesome!


Tiffany said...

Poor little guy. hope he survives. We had this fish named Bones (Hyrum named it) and he was bringing him over to a friend's house to fish-sit. When Hyrum was bringing the bowl over, he tripped going up the stairs and broke the bowl. Poor little guy fell down the flight of stairs. Lucky he survived.

The Burners said...

What a trooper! I'm glad to hear the little fish is ok :)