Wednesday, March 23, 2011


To keep myself motivated, I’ve been running 5ks. Mike’s high school reunion is coming up in June so I have to be ready!

 Winking smile

My goal is to run 3 miles as fast as I did in high school. My last timed race was 26.36 so I have to get about 5 minutes faster. Maybe by the end of the year? I’m running the Race for Autism in Balboa on Saturday. Can’t wait!


Oh, do you like my running skirt? My wonderful hubby bought it for me along with another pink one. Okay, another story:

The Thursday before my birthday, Michael told me that he found out about a trail in Encinitas that he thought I might like to run while he took the boys to play at the beach. Kinda skeptical, I agreed to give it a try.

So, he ends up taking me to the store in Encintas. They were having a Valentine’s party and had us run 2 miles with a partner with our arms tied together. running skirtsWell, my partner and I got second place and won a free skirt! So awesome. Then they all sang happy birthday to me! Wow what a spontaneous and amazing evening. Such a fun birthday gift. Thank you Michael. I love you.

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Vanessa said...

I love your running skirts! And the face you got one for free makes it even better!