Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More recent pictures

Kelli Thorson was in town, so we went to the zoo. It’s crazy how we both started out here in San Marcos as Newlyweds and now, 5 years later we both have 2 angels. I’m so glad we are still friends after all this time. Love you Kelli!


Soin and I are the same age for 8 days! We celebrated together in Rancho Mirage this year.

Bianca's Bday 6

Soin’s Banana cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting.Bianca's Bday 9

Bianca's Bday 1

My delicious chocolate cake with peanut butter filling! So yummy! Thank you Soin!

Bianca's Bday 2

A new apron and new shoes!!! Thank you Mommy!

Bianca's Bday 3

Bianca's Bday 7

Max and Ga-Ga searching for bugs.Bianca's Bday 4

Look what they caught! (With a little help from Daddy)Bianca's Bday 5Bianca's Bday 8

Maxine and I have really close birthdays. She was able to come from Idaho to celebrate with the family. Tons of fun!


The Chergoskys came over to decorate cookies for Valentine’s Day. We are so happy to be able to spend time with them again. I can’t believe how close our kids are in age. I used to babysit Benn and Abby only 5 years ago!IMG_8261IMG_8262IMG_8263IMG_8264IMG_8265

We had fun at Shanika’s (a good from of Mike’s) baby boy’s first birthday party. Max was in awe that Mickey mouse was there!IMG_8274IMG_8276IMG_8281IMG_8283

Max and Uncle Jimmy at the Safari Park.IMG_8285IMG_8287

ANother Day at the Safari Park with Aya and ClementineSafari Park 1Safari Park 2Safari Park 3Safari Park 4Safari Park 5Safari Park 6

Clementina and Mr. Levi chillin’ in their car seats.


The cousins!


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