Friday, September 9, 2011


I wanted to try out the new blogger app so I thought I'd share something yummy really quick. --- (update: I don’t like how it posts pictures. I had to get on my computer and fix it.)
Ralph's was having a great sale on tri-tip so I figured, "why not give it a shot?" I went to my favorite recipe website and found one that seemed yummy. Well it turned out so delicious! The meat was tender and juicy and so flavorful. Michael was in heaven. Soin was also here and she loved it too.
If you're like me and are afraid of cooking meat, give this one a shot. I cooked it on the grill for 3 mins on each side uncovered. It was a little red inside, but I went with my gut and took it off.
Here's the link to the recipe:

tri tip

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