Sunday, June 5, 2011



Mike might have a torn ACL. My tough guy took an extremely painful (fluke) hit in the knee playing flag football and has been home for the past four days trying to recover. It seems to be getting better a teeny-tiny bit each day, but is still nowhere near back to normal.

As of right now Michael and I only have preventative care insurance so, needless to say, a fifteen thousand dollar surgery for a torn ACL would have to come out of pocket. We are praying that it’s not that serious. Perhaps a severe sprain? We would like to hold onto the down payment for our future home that we have been saving for the past 6 months.

However, I want more for my wonderful husband not to be in so much pain anymore and to have his leg back to normal. So, we will keep praying as well as figure out a way to get full medical coverage for us to prevent this from happening again.

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Our Paper Plates said...

So sorry to hear this! We will keep you guys in our prayers as well. We have high deductible medical insurance and we have had that "please don't let this wipe out our saving account" feeling as well!! No fun - hang in there!!!