Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a good time this year. For work, Mike's team dressed up as the Jersey Shore crew so he had to dress up as Pauly D. He went to get a spray tan and gave his hair a little blow out. Not too shabby eh? :P

We went to trunk or treat at the church with Sheilia, Justin, and Stevie. Levi was the football this year and looked like a little cutie!

Sheilia was a hippie with her cute round belly. The little trouble makers were army soldiers. Adorable!

I was a witch and Mike was a ghost. He's carrying cake pops that we made to share. They were yummy!

On Halloween night, we took the boys trick or treating in Sheilia and J's neighborhood.
Ready to get some sweets!

Levi enjoyed the long walk outside. Cute little monkey!

The boys got a ton of candy and Max ate more than he probably should have. Sheilia and I feasted on it too. I gave the rest to Mike to take to work so that I wouldn't eat anymore. Ugh, I hate how addictive sugar is. I know I'm a mean mom for taking my son's Halloween candy and giving it away. Ah well.

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LizMar said...

What a sexy witch! :) I like how Levi barfed on Mike's shoulder Haha.