Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great time in California during Thanksgiving weekend. We were able to see both families, two cousins, Austin and Generra, our Uncle Joey, and a lot of friends!

Max had a blast playing on the beach with the sand and water. Aunt Naomi made him a little pool.

Later, we went to the Living Desert with Grandmother and Max loved it. He wasn’t as interested in the animals as he was the cool tunnels and hiding spots. I think his favorite part though, was the popcorn and orange HiC that grandmother bought for him. Yummy!


The Price Family said...

One day the Prices will be there and we can hang out too. it seems like we never go there during the holidays :(

Aston Family said...

Your pics are soooo adorable! Max is growing up way too fast!! You are seriously the cutest lil momma!! Love it!! And you are almost done with school!! Hang in there! Also, I am glad you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!