Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10k in Cottonwood

We did it! We ran a 10k in 1hour and 2minutes! Not that great but we did it! Yes, we ran the whole time. Only sissies walk! :D just kiddding! We drove 2 hrs up to Cottonwood. It was really beautiful up there, perfect running weather!

There I am finishing the race with my race wave. It was so funny cause Mike and Max were waiting for me about 200 yards before the finish and when I reached them, I started to sprint. So Mike starts running along side me, pushing Max in his non-jogging stroller, trying to get a picture. People started cheering for Mike and Max and Mike was embarassed as he tried to explain the he wasn't racing. Too bad I was too fast and he couldn't get a good picture of my finish! ;p

Here comes Soin!

Yay Soin!

We did it!

Tired and sweaty. That's water on my shirt by the way...

I think one of my favorite parts about racing is all the cool stuff you get. This race was by far the best. There was a snow cone machine, pasta with meat sauce, cookies, granola bars, and of course the bananas, apples, and oranges. But a snow cone machine?! That's so awesome!!! Anyway, here's Mike and Max hanging out after the race. It was Mike's birthday, by the way. We a gorgeous birthday man!

There we all are.

We went to lunch and walked around the cute little town. Here's our precious boy.

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