Monday, January 26, 2009

The time has come...

...for Max to be introduced to the wonderful world of water!

Swim lessons have officially begun. Being his mother's son, it is inevitable that Max become a swimmer (not necessarily competatively). He might be a soccer player, baseball player, runner, basketball player, or a football star like Daddy. Either way... he WILL know how to swim. That includes freestyle, backstroke, breatstroke, and yes, butterfly too... when he's naughty ;)
The two years of teaching children to swim was fun, but it is SO much more fun to teach my own sweet baby boy. He loves being in the water.
First we need to get comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Then we can roll and put increasingly more of his face into the water until he's comfortable and will hold his breath when he goes under.



We even practiced some dives.

He's pretty comfortable already. He smiles and laughs the whole time!

He makes Mommy smile and laugh the whole time too.

Lots of kisses are a very important part of swim lessons.

What a fun swim lesson!

After all that hard work... it comes time to chill and get a little tanny tan.


Tiffany said...

I just love how chunky he is!

The Mortons said...

this is so cute bonc! Its my favorite post! he is so cute and chubby! I want to kiss his cheeks!

The Burners said...

Yeah for Max! Is your pool warm enough to swim in already? He's going to be a little sun baby in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hi...what a wonderful treat...having coffee first thing in the morning with the kids...really made my day, Can't wait to get my hands on that smiling blessing. Got inspired to start my own blog so I can share all my blessings with family, friends and everyone that will take a look. Will take a while to get some photos together, maybe some of the kids will help. I think it will be fun. I haven't forgotten the shopping cart cover, just wanted to do something special, but didn't know I know, Give me a week or so and I'll make my little swimmer a couple of swim diapers. luv 2 the 3 of u