Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Incredible Savings

I just wanted to let everyone know about my incredible savings I had at the grocery store. I've been using coupons ever since I heard about how much money you can save if you use them right (thanks Rachel!). I know this is a silly thing to blog about but I'm just so proud of it!!
I paid about $44.35 for $115.95 worth of groceries. So awesome!!!

I also bought 8 packages of diapers for $44.92. They were worth $95.92! Yay!


Sarah said...

SO awesome! How did you end up getting on a system? That's been the hardest pert for me to incorporate. Tell me how you did it!

Aunt Rhonda said...

That's not a silly thing to blog about...that's awesome. Saving that much weekly could add up to thousands by the end of the year. What's the "right" way of using coupons?????

Hoy Family said...

Good Job! You might be intrested in a blog my friend does called The Thrill of Thrift. You can find the link on my page... Always has good suggestions/savings tips on it!

The Burners said...

Wahoo Bianca! You totally rocked the store!!!! :) I heard the newspapers this sunday are going to have 4 coupon inserts!!! Oh the excitement. its like Christmas all over again :)