Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our son at 25 weeks!

So we had our 25 week ultrasound appointment today and it went really well. The Dr. said that he looks nice and healthy. He also said that I'm right on track with my weight gain which made me extra happy! :) Mike and I can't wait to hold our little boy in our arms. We love him so much already!

This is his wrist and hand. It's kind of hard to see...
This is his face. It's much fuller now. You can see his cheeks and his chin!

This is another shot of his foot, just a little bigger this time. :)
Here's Mike's favorite. It's kind of like you're looking up his nose. You can see his mouth and his nostrils. Can you tell?


The Burners said...

Looks like baby Max is growing nice and big :) It must have been so exciting to see how he has grown! We are excited to meet him in person in September :)

Sean & Abby said...

wow, i think these are the first ultrasounds I've seen that I can actually tell what's what! very cool.

The Thorsons said...

I'm so glad you put what each picture was. because even though I have seen pics like that before I couldn't tell, but when I read it I could see it right away.