Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday, My Love!

We started off the evening a delicious birthday dinner with Terrence and Rachel at a really good Cuban restaurant. Then we came home and sang happy birthday to Mike. We had some chocolate cake with extra chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting...served with triple chocolate ice cream. Yum! Mike got new shoes! Can you tell he likes them?


josh and dianna said...

SO first off Congrats on the little bun in the oven! How exciting! Love the name and how dare JLo Steal it! Looks like things are going great for you guys! Stay in touch!


What up! Happy birthday home dizzle. Pretty cool shoes I must say. Congrats again on the future Marshall, we need to hang out.

georgeandmarie said...

Hey Marshall's!! We found you through Dwiggins and wanted to to say Hi!! Congrats on the newbie that will be joining your family soon!! We need to keep in better touch and since we dont know Bianca we for sure need to come down and meet you!! Keep in touch and take care...happy belated bday Mike!!
Love, the wrights

The Stokes Family said...

Hey there ---
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Pass it on!

Barushka said...

Happy Birthday Mike! It's always fun to be a little older and wiser and more....mature? Are you up to it Mike? =) j/'re awesome!