Saturday, May 7, 2011


After Hearst Castle and the beach, we headed up to our hotel room near JJ and Stacie. Brenda, Maxine, Jimmy, Naomi, and Alejandro (family friend) met us up there.


JJ and Stacie actually live in a town called Pleasanton which is about an hour away from San Francisco. It is such a beautiful area. They took us on a little hike which was really nice.


Max made me carry him in the sling all the way back down the hill! My back was killing me!


After the hike, we went to visit the Oakland temple. Very beautiful.


View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Oakland templeIMG_8849

Next, we headed to a nearby park to let Max get all his wiggles out. We didn’t get any pictures of Max playing, but we got a couple of some flowers growing between the stone steps and a view from the top of the park.


After the park, we reunited (well Mike and the rest of the Marshalls anyway) with Aunt Barb and cousin, Justin who they haven’t seen for many years.


Aunt Barb made us AMAZING lasagna! Best lasagna we all agreed we’ve ever had.


Aunt Barb spoiled Max with an ice cream cone before he finished his dinner.


Justin and Levi playing before saying goodbye.


Thank you Aunt Barb and Justin for the great time and delicious dinner!

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